Vaptio Tyro Kit Review: The T18E II/K3 Crossover Kit. Published on 21-May-2019 by Empire Vape Co


Hey guys! 

So today we are taking a look at the Vaptio Tyro Full Kit. This is a MTL kit that comes with a 0.7ohm coil and a 1.6ohm coil. 

As I stated in the looks like Vaptio just ripped of a few kits and made one under their brand. The battery is definitely an Innokin T18E II battery with a tank the uses the Aspire Cleito Pro filling system and Aspire Nautilus coils! 

I have received a few kits like this lately and it is getting to the point of do we really need any more of these? Release something new or different or don't release anything at all. 

This is just my opinion at the end of the day! 

Anyway enough of that, thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed the review. You can always guarantee with me that I have fully tested the device and my opinion will always remain impartial and stay honest every single time. 

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