Vape Mail - 4 Month of Gold - E-Liquid Review - 16 Juices in 10 Mins - Vape Fellowship Episode 30 Published on 06-Jan-2020 by Vape Fellowship



So in this episode we review the past 4 months of Gold packages from Vape Mail Subscription that's 16 juices all at once. August 2019 Tino turned 40 and began to reassess his life not knowing if he was going to continue in the vape industry. After much soul searching he finally found the wind beneath his sails to carry on and began filming again in December 2019. Now unlike the usual review videos, we had to keep the reviews of each liquid tight and compact. All to fit the 10 minute time frame for platforms like IGtv. Besides nobody wants to watch a guy ramble on for 25 minutes talking shop about juices now do they?! 

Please mind the constant cuts, Tino did talk longer on most of the juices but again as the time frame was so small we had to trim it down. Unfortunately we won't be releasing a longer version because like we said nobody wants to see that. This was filmed about 8.30pm on New Years day 2020 when Tino was on his own. So please forgive the poorly focused footage we took, we just really had to get this review out once and for all. With the tiny time frame we had we couldn't film it again just to get the focus perfect, so we just cut what we had.

So the show consists of 4 months worth of Gold packages: September, October, November and December 2019. The juices we reviewed are named as follows:

Banggo Shake - @MilkshakeLiquids
Reds Apple E-juice Iced - @7Dazemfg
Cola - @Driphacks
Drip Waffles - Chubby Juice - @Exceptional_Vapes_Ltd_

Big Gulp - Mango Kulfi Ice Cream
Crushed Soda - Orange
Milk Loops - Chubby Juice - @Exceptional_Vapes_Ltd_
@MtBakerVaporInternational - Butterscotch

Apple Spearmint Chew - Blueys
Yellow - Slush City
Love Waffles - Chubby Juice - @Exceptional_Vapes_Ltd_
Absolution Juice - Lemon Cheesecake

Gum Shot (Blackcurrant Fruit Pastel) - Diss Joos @flawlessxcreamyclouds_
Crushed Soda - Mango
Candy Corner - Kola Tip Top
Gingerbread man - Chubby Juice - @Exceptional_Vapes_Ltd_

Slight mix up, Love Waffles was actually in the September package and Drip Waffles was in the November package. But when we went to review them the bottles got mixed up and we didn't realise the error until after we finished the edit.

Big up @KiloEliquidsEU, @VapeMailSubscription, @BazookaVape.EU and @MissCat_Insta for the swagger worn on the show.

Vape wise we used the @iJoyGlobal Captain PD270 and @DistrictF5ve CSMNT RDA. Massive shout outs go to our sponsors @CoilGods and @swag.cotton for the coils and cotton used to review our liquids.

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