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Vape Jam 5 VLOG: The Worst Vape Jam To Date! Published on 15-Apr-2019 by Empire Vape Co


Hi guys! 

So this is all the footage from VapeJam UK 5. I attended on the Friday which was on Friday 12th April 2019. The event was structured differently this year.

Thursday: B2B 
Friday B2B (Public could enter with VIP pass)
Saturday: Public day.


Getting to VapeJam: 0:00 - 2:29 
Vape Jam face footage: 2:29 - 6:58
Vape Jam Vendor Showcase: 6:58 - 20:19
Vape Jam Wrap Up and Me Leaving Early: 20:19 - 31:26

I left this show early. I would have left far earlier had I not met up with a few vendors that visited the show to check it out. I did more business with people that were not even exhibiting. 

The only thing that made the journey worth it for me was the fact i got to speak and meet up with a few subscribers and one of my Patrons who had a VIP pass. 

I am sorry but if Vape Jam run the Liverpool show in November like this then it could be the end of it. 

Thank you for watching as always guys! 

As soon as I saw that Vape Jam were planning on having 2 business days I was instantly like oooohhhh no! One business day is more than enough and most business are open on a Thursday and that is a normal day.

Having one public day would instantly put me off as I would have to travel from Liverpool to London to enjoy one day of an event that is usually 2 days of public access.


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Thank you all for watching! 
See you all on the next video!

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