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Usonicig Zip Review - Dont Bother Published on 08-Aug-2019 by FlatCap Vaper


The Usonicig Zip certainly brings innovation to the vape world.

To vaporise e-liquid, we've become accustomed to the practice of working with coils, generally made from Kanthal or stainless steel. And of course using cotton or similar to soak the e-liquid before being vaporised by the coils.
But Usonicig had other ideas when they came out with the Rhythm kit, an unusual looking device which used high frequency vibrations at 2.4MHz to vaporise the liquid, instead of the cotton & coils we all know and enjoy.

It was an innovation that won awards, but the Rhythm kit received mixed reviews across the board. So Usonicig went back to the drawing board, ramped the frequency up to 3.0MHz and have come out with the 'Zip' Pod system.

Read more of my written review of the USonicig Zip Pod kit over on ecigclick here:

Specs and Features

Device Size: 94x34x20mm
Pod Size - 39x34x20mm
Weight: 68g (Including 2ml of e-liquid)
Battery: 1200mAh Internal Battery
E-Liquid Capacity: 2.0ml
Charging: Via USB
Ultrasonic Frequency: 3MHz
Available Colours: Black | Pink | Silver | Orange | Blue

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