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Surprising Dave AKA "The Salford Vaper" With A New PC!! Published on 15-Apr-2019 by Empire Vape Co


Hey guys!! 

So a little bit of a different video here today for you all. Some of you may have heard of Dave aka The Salford Vaper. 

You can find his channel here:

Dave accidentally tripped and spilled coffee all over his laptop a few days ago....the laptop he uses for all of his videos. 

He then used his car money (his car is off the road and needs an MOT etc) to buy a new PC tower to continue his reviews. 

The PC he purchased was a refurbished one and died after a few days of arriving. The company replaced it and the replacement arrived dead. 

Dave made a video a few days ago on his channel which you can watch here:

This video basically broke me and I needed to help Dave immediately. Dave uses his PC to order his food in, pay his bills and of course record and upload his reviews. Dave is disabled and his computer is his lifeline. 

I with the help of The Laptop Repair Centre purchased Dave a new computer and messaged Dave to tell him to expect a delivery (vape related to keep him guessing) 

I then turned up at his flat today in person to hand deliver a brand new working powerful PC that will allow him to continue. 

I hope you enjoy it Dave! 


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Thank you all for watching! 
See you all on the next video!

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