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Smoant Pasito unboxing and review Published on 13-Aug-2019 by Nice guys just a little bit vapey


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das pasito !! the smoant pasito and rba coil , mtl,dlt pod kit , 

heres what we thought of it !

music in this video, intro composed by Mr Jordan Killiard 
down low and build from

Nice guys, just a little bit vapey.

Warning, this video contains products with nicotine, nicotine is highly addictive. 
Nice guys take no responsibility for your own use of nicotine.

This video contains swearing and adult themes also we are sexy as fuck,
if this offends you please don't watch this video and then fucking moan!

The contents of the is video contains our unbiased opinions,
we're not endorsed or paid for any of our reviews.

Please make sure you follow your own countries vaping laws and regulations. 

This video in no way promotes smoking, using vapes saves lives!!

Now that's outta the way please sit back and enjoy our video.

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