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First and foremost, Yes I am aware of the company that manufactures and distributes this product. Does this alter my review.....No it doesn't! As a reviewer, I have to be unbiased. Regardless of the company history! This is an e-cigarette. It doesn't use tobacco, Its uses coils and Eliquid! So I'm going to treat this as an electronic cigarette. Not everyone has the convenience of a vape shop nearby. But they may be lucky to have a supermarket, pharmacy or gas station close to them though. And these are the devices that will be in these shops. They have gotten people of the stinkies and on to a safer option! so why treat a product as inferior because of its parent company! If you have any problems please leave a comment, I want the comments section to have a serious debate!

Ok, Rant over!! :) Now on to the Myblu ace! The Blu Ace is the latest product from the guys at Myblu. Myblu has decided to go into the AIO market with this latest product. The battery is rated at 1500 mah and uses 2 0.6 ohm coils, both to increase the flavour and the longevity of the battery life. The drip tip uses a spiral design to help to increase the flavour and it supports pass-through charging meaning that you can use it while the device is on charge!

Where can I buy these?

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