Mico Pod by Smok SMASH or PASS? Published on 15-May-2019 by Vaping With Ken


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Mico Pod by Smok SMASH or PASS

The Mico Pod system by Smok or Smoktech, whichever you want to call them, is a small square shaped device that takes a drop in style refillable magnetic pod which comes in a 1.0 mouth to lung and a 0.80 mesh coil. Due to my vaping style I wasn't a fan, granted I also had issues with it right from the start. I do have pod systems that are much better in comparison. However, if you don't have a pod system then the Mico Pod by Smok would be a definite SMASH for you, if you already have a pod system like the Nord, the Zero, MiPod, etc. then this would be a pass.

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