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Lost and Found Interview: A Billion Lives Published on 19-Aug-2018 by A Billion Vapers


Welcome to the first interview from A Billion Vapers on Vapetube.

We hope you enjoy it and we will see you again soon.


This is the exclusive interview with "A Billion Lives" that no one got to see! Filmed in Norway,

November 2016 at the Norwegian premiere of A Billion Lives.



Baard Marius Malmin


Aaron Biebert - A Billion Lives, Attention Era

David Goerlitz - The former winston man

Karl Erik Lund - Norwegian department of tobacco and drugs


(The sound quality isn't great. As you know this interview has been stopped by media in

Scandinavia before but at least we have a copy. Turn up the volume and we hope you enjoy).


Here also - Transcribed interview:


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VapeTube 2 months ago
Amazing video 😀
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Baard Marius Malmin 9 months ago
Hi Jason!! So incredibly glad you came by.! And yes... FINALLY lol
Jason Simmons 9 months ago
So awesome to see this finally. My great from from across the pond interviews @#abillionlives
Baard Marius Malmin 9 months ago
Yes people. This is what I have been trying to upload to the internet for 2 years now .. I was lucky and managed to download this version (which. Is not the best with one camera angle and poor sound. You can hardly hear my voice but luckily David, Aaron and Karl answers really good making it understandable again), Thanks to all of you for sharing this bit of TRUTH with us at A Billion Vapers WORLWIDE ??
VapeTube 9 months ago
This is awesome guys, thank you so much for sharing with us