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Hey guys! 

*Apologies for the audio it rendered this way and I have no idea why!?*

So let us address an issue indeed shall we.....with JUUL! 

So a 2 months ago approx they sent one of their secret shoppers in to the store (which they denied....yet admitted today) and now today they send an 18 or 19 (YES 18 or 19) year old ADULT looking man into the shop to attempt to buy some JUUL Pods. 

Now we had 1 packet of Glacier Mint left from the last order that they REFUSED to refund me on. 

This man looked easily 26-29 and I had a friend in the store who also said he was easily over 25. Now the policy is CHALLENGE 25 not CHALLENGE OVER 25. The lad purchased the last packet of pods and left. 

5 minutes later he returns and serves the papers (shown in the video) then leaves the store and RUNS literally RUNS off down the road and down a side street out of sight. 

I am literally done with you wankers JUUL!! You are now committing entrapment!! You are setting up shop owners and shops. I have BROKEN NO LAWS!! This man was 18 or 19 and the LEGAL AGE in the UK is 18!!! He was not under 18 or you would have had a case. 

You have jack shit!!! 

People need to obliterate this company and contact UKVIA and make them remove them for the board. 

I am not gonna take this at all! 

New Channel: 

Anyway enough of that, thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed the review. You can always guarantee with me that I have fully tested the device and my opinion will always remain impartial and stay honest every single time. 

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