Jammin Vape Co x The Custard Company Blueberry Jam Custard Published on 25-Sep-2018 by The Essex Vaper Reviews



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The Limited Edition Blueberry Jam Custard e-liquid is an indulgent all day vape brought to you by a collaboration between Jammin Vape Co and The Custard Company. The Jammin blueberry jam is robust, hearty, deliciously sweet and slightly earthy. These qualities help it stand proud against the rich, velvety, vanilla-intense custard. The flavours bleed beautifully into each other, just as they would if you were sat with a big bowl in front of you right now. That’s right. Think of that big bowl. Feel the drool building in your mouth. Now take a nice big hit of this liquid and you will be just as satisfied as you would be with that bowl in front of you! 50ml Shortfill Bottle - 50ml 0mg eliquid VG/PG: 70/30

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