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IJOY Mystique Kit Review : Mesh Coils Lightweight Dual 18650 Mod ~Joe of all vapes:Cloudy Connectio Published on 05-Dec-2018 by Joe Of All Vapes



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IJOY Mystique Kit Review / Mesh Coils Lightweight Dual 18650 Mod  ~Joe of all vapes/Cloudy Connections "welcome10" to save an all orders!


BEHOLD!! The 162w, dual 18650 plastic body Mystique kit fro ijoyUSA and ijoy global!


So before you hold your breath, YES, it's dual 18650 run but man lemme tell ya, this little guys is light and a powerhouse of cloud producing mod man! It's inspired design is after the Beijing Aquatic Center in China. the exterior is exact, but the mod is SO simple it begs the questions, "why aren't all mods like this?"


Power-Pod-MTL-PWR mode-puff reset-TCR-EXIT....that's the entire menu in a nutshell lol Simple right? All this came to be shortly around the time the Katana mod came to pass. People are tired of overly cumbersome chip sets with 1000 options and complicated modes. They want simple yet functional and...well FANCY!


The mystique mod will keep your interest peaked and it fits any tank within 25mm with zero hangover. Dust off your 18650's, your gunna need em!


Go to or follow the link above and use the code "welcome10" for 10% off your entire order! The Mystique kit will be available in two versions and two prices for each version, but will be CHEAPER on Cloudy! 


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