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Hugo Vapor Squeezer - Honest Vape Reviews Published on 06-Oct-2018 by Honest Vape Reviews



This review is of the Squeezer by Hugo Vapor. Apologises for one dirty and one clean coil, sugary e liquid and leaving your device on its side for a long time equals a dirty ol coil. This video represents my opinion only, always watch multiple opinions before parting with your hard earned dosh. ——— LINKS WHERE YOU CAN BUY YOUR OWN——— Mod Hugo Vapor SQUEEZER BF Mod UK - Ecig One Hugovapor SQUEEZER BF Mod Kit Hugovapor Squeezer Kit ———————— SONG CREDITS ——————— Intro: Come With Me Now by KONGOS Outro: No Love by H.I.M. —————— OTHER CREDITS AND LINKS —————— Wood piece in background created by: Please go and subscribe to Battery Mooch for all your battery and Safety information - A channel I consider to be one of the most important ones in vaping on YouTube: ————— OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT————— Instagram - Facebook - Patreon - One off donation - —————— GET IN TOUCH ————————— Email - ————————ADVOCACY————————— FDA LINKS : MAKE YOUR FDA COMMENT HERE US: UK: CANADA: https://www.canadianvapingassociation... NORWAY: Main group at facebook: Royal College of Physicians Reports: AUS: Pink Lung Brigade: New Nicotine Alliance AUS:

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