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FreeMax Twister Kit Review: It Twists & It Does Things! Published on 11-Mar-2019 by Empire Vape Co


Hey everyone! 

So today we are are taking a look at the new FreeMax Twister Kit. 

This is your standard Sub-Ohm pen style kit to the normal eye.....However on the bottom is an adjustable ring that enables the user to increase the wattage to a maximum of 80 watts. 

The tank included with this kit is the FireLuke Mesh 2 tank. The tank is very good and packs a really good amount of flavour just like you would expect from a FreeMax product. 

The only downside to the kit is the sheer amount of time it takes to recharge the battery using a USB cable. The battery can take around 2.5 hours - 3 hours depending on how low the battery was when it was placed on charge. 

As always guys thank you for watching and i will see you all on the next one!! 


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Thank you all for watching! 
See you all on the next video!

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CossieLover 2 months ago
Kit seems decent, but those freebies??? do they come with the retail version? Seems like its aimed at to young an audience if so, which isnt great. Good review, keep em coming pease!
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