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FreeMax Mesh Pro Metal Edition: Quad Mesh & Tangents Sorry! Published on 11-Feb-2019 by Empire Vape Co



Hello everyone!!

So today we are taking a look at the FreeMax Mesh Pro Metal Edition. This is the latest Mesh Pro after the Resin versions. 

We are focusing technically more on the new coil, the 0.16ohm quadruple mesh coil. The coils is rated at 80w-120w and is an absolute flavour monster! 

The tank itself is very very heavy and you will definitely know you have the metal version sat on your mod. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and have even ordered more quad coils for mine. 

A massive thanks goes to HipHop for sending this in for the purpose of the review. 

Search HipHop Juice on Google or your favourite search engine! 

Thanks for watching as always and I will see you all in the next one! 

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Phillip Palmer 6 months ago
Raped by Wolverine your fucking nutz, but in a good way lol I've had the quad coils for a month now and been vaping them at 140 watts ! Best coils by far for this one. I've got the purple resin version too.
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Andrew Parris 6 months ago
I'm not even sure what you were reviewing but man that's comedy gold... Or you've completely lost your mind! Either way... Very entertaining! :)
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