Chief of Vapes at London Vaper Expo February 2020 - Vape Fellowship Episode 36 Published on 18-Jun-2020 by Vape Fellowship



We hit the London Olympia on the day storm Denis was expected to hit London on Saturday 15th February 2020. The Vape Fellowship came down in force with not just Tino Attila as per usual but also @DinogogoMedia documenting the event and in tow we had @issLuckBoxQ and Andrew C. We had a lot of laughs, vaped a lot of juices, spoke to a shit tonne of people and had fun doing it. It was our chance to make new connections as well as touch base with our current connections. This time we focus on our visit with Chief of Vapes. They took us in with open arms to review a few of their new lines on the the spot. Here we show highlights of the review along with footage from their stage show. We also talk to a few of the people working at Chief of Vapes to get the low down on how this new company ticks.

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