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Built in safety this is the responsibility manufacture importer Published on 09-Jul-2019 by Warewolfwithfleas


 'im steven back in 2012 I found my self in hospital after heart problems as I had low oxygen in the blood I look l at vaping I've been  fogcheese zippydrips and warewolf looked at vaping in 2013 and lat 2013 I started mechanical mods and early pods new years ve  2016 I was back it hospital as I lost interest in vape shops and juice I went back to tobacco I still miss smoke but can only say I can't live without a mod with me  as I smoked for 22 years and could not stop with quit kits I have some transferable skills I think can be of help with mechanical mods as I was trained with battery conditioning e.g acid distilled water mix cell testing amp fault finding  fault testing and repair in tractor trailers and cars   p.s I know there are computer tests out there to find things in a battery even on a snap-on or comet Crypton tuner but the science was theoretical and not a direct test   (when taking exams to be regulated by law if we work it's regulated by law if we sale it regulated  and to import is regulated so if there that many ways of being regulated its only the customer that is not with mechanical mods ) so I ask you where can I get a regulated  electronic mod fixed or tested if the mod is regulated if I know there are not 300 watts at the end of an exam     

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