Banned in the USA Published on 11-Oct-2019 by Vaping NineZeroOne



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This is a volg about the history of vaping, the war on vaping in the US and my thoughts on the subject.Make sure your voices are heard by joining CASAA and the VTA!

I am a vaper that is passionate about vaping, the vape community, and love to discuss/review anything related. My primary focus is to cover advocacy, interactions within our community with face to face and social media, and I LOVE to do reviews! If you want to hear about something that has you intrigued, hit me up and I'll dive into it with you!! I want to provide a fun and positive experience for vapers, smokers, and non-smokers alike. If you don't vape, take a moment and let's educate you as to why we choose to do it. So sit back, have a vape and  enjoy!

If you would like for me to do any reviews for you, email me at

I am unpaid, unbiased and brutally honest on the products I review. I do not create the products or liquids used in the videos.

***WARNING*** May contain adult language!

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