B-roll or tablecam?????????????????? Published on 10-Sep-2019 by The vaping heed



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Changing format on reviews,making tablcam into b-roll and maybe doing seperate vid on build and wick tutorial for the product being reviewed. would really like your input ,so please comment below. the video is a rough edit and will be fine tuned.Also any pc gurus out there, open to ideas on connecting camcorder. many thanks

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Andy 4 months ago
Stick with the format, your relaxed laconic style will bring you the viewership who get it, just persevere, IMHO the people who are driven to stick at it, are the ones we all end up 'discovering'. The 'celeb' reviewers are getting a bit too polished and formulaic, new blood and individual approaches are always a breath of fresh air......and you do have that kind of engaging personality along the lines of the vaping biker so my tu'pence worth anyhoo.