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A Shoutout for Stevie Dilligaf Porter of Dilligaf Atty Stands! Published on 10-Apr-2019 by Empire Vape Co


Hey guys! 

So a slightly different video today and more of a showcase/shoutout/thank you to someone I consider a friend. 

Ladies and gentlemen these atty stands are the work of Mr Stevie "Dillgaf" Porter. Stevie is a lovely guy from Scotland who in his spare time makes atty stands. 

I wanted to just put a quick thank you out there for Stevie as he has sent me 2 atty stands now out totally free and there is another one on the way again with no expectation or payment wanted for it. 

I felt this would be a good way to thank Stevie and maybe send some business his way. All the atty stands that Stevie makes are hand made. They are made 100% by Stevie and are just totally stunning works of art. 

You can find Stevie's Facebook page here:

As always thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video. 


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Thank you all for watching! 
See you all on the next video!

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