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Today we take a look at two new e-liquid releases from 88Vape.  First up is the new Lemon Sherbet this e-liquid is as it says on the bottle a lemon sherbet that takes you back to your childhood.  The lemon is pleasant and not harsh or tasting like cleaning fluid, its a candied lemon.  The e-liquid is not over sweet and there's a hint of sour in the vape.  Second up we have the new Heisen Freeze this is a cooler version of the 88Vape heisen.  This again is an authentic e-liquid although in my opinion the flavours are a little stranger making them more prevalent in the vape.  Although this e-liquid has freeze in the name it is not over done like some other brand of this e-liquid, it gives a very nice cooling effect without that punch in the throat or over powering menthol that some others have in fact its just about right for me, smooths and cools the vape as it should be.

All in all these two e-liquids are very nice with the right balance of flavour the heisen freeze for me could be an all day vape in the summer months.

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