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I started vaping in March of 2014, in fact, the very first video I made is still on the channel. Vaping helped me get off the cigarettes and ultimately helped me a lot with my health. This channel reviews everything to do with e-cigs. The difference between this channel and a lot of other's out there is that you can be assured that the item I am reviewing on the video has been used for at least a week or more. I have a reputation of being honest when it comes to the reviews and I am NOT a "promoter" which some reviewers have turned into. You can see it in the comments that people purchase their next e-cig based on my full review, which is why in 2016 and 2017 I was voted the no.1 e-cig reviewer in the UK by popular vote on EcigClickUK.

Enquiring about an item you want reviewed? Head over to http://www.vapingwithvic.co.uk and use the "Review Request" page.

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